Meetings and Time Management

Meetings are necessary for much of the work we do but sometimes in busy periods many staff are finding overlapping and conflicting meeting requests arrive in their inbox forcing them to make decisions about which meeting should take priority.  This is especially the case for people working across multiple projects, oh wait, that would be all of the DRS Team…!

We are all very busy here in DRS and using our Outlook Calendars to block out some time for concentrated deep thinking tasks has proven to work for several of the team members.  Working remotely from Victoria Square, the Library or even home can afford people that quiet time to do those tasks better suited to hours of staring at the computer screen without interruption.

Outlook Calendar is a great tool to show people when you are available for meetings or when you are offsite, have meetings booked or just need ‘no meeting’ time.  Even the best communication tool won’t stop those conflicting meeting requests arriving.  Learning to use our tools better is an ongoing process and one that we should all embrace to make our working lives easier!

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