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The Inspire program continues to deliver new features for HDR Students, Supervisors and College administrators. Inspire, Australia’s first digital doctorate system,  enables students the ability to continue their candidature remotely in these difficult times. It also provides information and online capabilities for HDR Supervisors, College staff to the Office of Graduate Research to support these students while working remotely.

In January the Inspire team released the ability for Researchers to access HDR Supervisor Training online. Previously there had been no one clear system that captured the requirements and compliance of HDR Supervisors training. The new system will provide a single interface for Researchers to be able:

  • to find HDR Supervision training
  • book into courses
  • be awarded compliance points for activities provided by the University or external providers (E.g. at Conferences)
  • award certification for HDR Supervision training to support professional development.

This functionality not only provides improved capabilities to current and prospective HDR Supervisors, it also ensures consistent quality is being applied for HDR Supervisor training and enables the OGR to provide government reporting and meet Audit requirements.

In Feburary the Inspire team delivered the ability to apply for a change of location online to students and other enhancements to existing variation forms.

The Inspire team will continue to deliver high value outcomes to the HDR Student, Supervisors, Colleges and the Office of Graduate Research throughout 2020 with plans to deliver the following:

  • HDR Scholarship forms;
  • An online register of HDR Supervisors, allowing Researchers to become Supervisors and providing a mechanism to finding registered HDR Supervisors;
  • Delivering an end-to-end online HDR Exams experience, realising the vision of providing a full Digital Doctorate experience to HDR Students;
  • Providing a mechanise to create tighter connections between HDR Students and target Industries to improve skills and employability outcomes for HDR Students.

For more information on Inspire please visit https://staff.flinders.edu.au/research/inspire

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