Introducing the Grants Lifecycle Management Project

The Grant Lifecycle Management (GLM) project is designed make it easy for researchers to manage the milestones and financial information related to their grants and contracted research.

The project will optimise business processes and systems related to managing grants. It will improve the quality of data researchers and financial managers have at their fingertips to assess project progress through  milestones, financial metrics, and compliance with contractual agreements.

The project is co-sponsored by Professor Robert Saint, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), and Richard Porter, Chief Financial Officer, and is designed to improve data quality by reusing and streamlining existing data, systems, and integrations wherever possible.  The project will:

  • Unify financial and non-financial grant information into one consolidated dashboard
  • Reduce researcher time spent managing grants
  • Ease financial reporting
  • Facilitate compliance with new revenue reporting requirements, eg for HERDC and financial accounting (AASB15).

Currently, researchers use a myriad of manual processes, spreadsheets, and systems to manage grants. The GLM project is designed to streamline processes and provide a ‘one stop shop’ for grants and finance information about research projects.

ResearchNow will be leveraged to reduce the need for researchers to learn a new system and to take advantage of integrations with the new HR system, and, in future, the TechnologyOne financial system and the business intelligence ‘data lake’ for reporting.

The project will be delivered in an interative manner according to the below milestones

Q2 2020
  • Design future state for pre-award certification
  • Deliver research pre-award  form in ResearchNow
Q3 2020
  • Deliver award data and updated processes in ResearchNow
  • Deliver financial and non–financial milestones for grants in ResearchNow
  • Deliver dashboards in ResearchNow for RDS, Grants Finance and Finance Business Partners
Q4 2020
  • Deliver integration between Technology One Financials and ResearchNow
  • Undertake data cleansing
  • Roll out integrated finance and research dashboard for Chief Investigators
Q1 2021
  • Deliver integration of updated data from ResearchNow and TechnologyOne Financials into Data Lake
Q2 2021
  • Deliver business intelligence dashboards for college executives, college staff, and research support staff
  • Deliver process changes to support HERDC and AASB15 reporting requirements

If you would like to contribute to this important project, or if you have any questions, you can contact the project team:

The latest information about the project is available on the Digital Research Services website.

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