Evidencing for Making a Difference – Project Introduction and Update

Evidencing for Making a Difference is a joint project between Digital Research Services, Research Development and Support, Planning and Analytics, and the Office of Communication, Marketing and Engagement-. The project aims to

  • enable timely identification of research impact measures and other impact evidence to demonstrate the value of Flinders research.
  • deliver a solution for a new framework to enable proactive capturing of research impact metrics, activities and evidence, including research impact case studies and narratives.

In quarter 1 of 2020 the project has spent time

  • Capturing¬† and reviewing requirements for a research impact metrics framework, including capture of research impact metrics with associated activities and evidence, and creation of resulting impact narratives and case studies.
  • Reviewing a number of potential solutions for capturing research impact metrics.

The project will be paused from June 2020 for a number of months owing to other university priorities. The project may resume in 2020 or 2021 with an intended delivery of end of 2021 at the latest.

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