What’s New in Inspire

In May the Inspire team released the ability for HDR scholarship students to complete applications relating to their scholarship in Inspire.

These include:

  • Apply for recreation leave
  • Claim thesis allowance
  • Claim relocation allowance
  • Ability to apply for extensions in scholarships independently to your candidature
  • Information regarding extension for RTP Stipend holders

This release means that Inspire is providing students with the ability to manage their HDR journey online, and related scholarship administration all in one easy place.

Following the release, we got some amazing feedback including:

“Inspire was SUPER easy. Too easy! I was aware back in 2017 and I did intend to do it back then but it really fell into the too hard basket. As a new student, I had no idea who to talk to for the paperwork etc and since then I’d mostly forgot about it. “

Thank you and we love to know how Inspire is working (or not) for you, so please feel free to send your feedback through.

Attention within the team is now focused on working toward the next release which will provide additional functionality to support the examination of thesis process.

How did COVID-19 impact the Inspire team?

Meeting MVP

Flinders University, as with other institutions the world over, has been affected by COVID-19 with the need for social distancing. Due to these requirements, the team were working at home through April and May and found new ways of collaborating together to keep things moving.

Technologies including Microsoft Teams and Whiteboard played a big role in planning and collaboration on the May release for Inspire.

The work on Inspire, and support for HDR students did not miss a beat. The cadence (speed) of work remained the same, despite dogs, children, nature, partners, and parents providing light moments during regular meetings at times.

The Inspire program continues to deliver new features for HDR Students, Supervisors and College administrators. Inspire, Australia’s first digital doctorate system, enables students the ability to continue their candidature remotely in these difficult times. It also provides information and online capabilities for HDR Supervisors, College staff to the Office of Graduate Research to support these students while working remotely.

For more information on Inspire please visit https://staff.flinders.edu.au/research/inspire

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