ResearchNow – New Application for Research Certification

Researchers can now use a new application form for Research Certification in the ResearchNow system to get approval for Research activity including grants, EOI’s and contract research. This replaces the previous research certification form (’cert form’) that was available from the Flinders Pro system.

Flinders Pro is being decommissioned over the next year, so in anticipation, the Digital Research Services project team has transitioned the research certification form to ResearchNow.

ResearchNow is the university’s standard research management system, already being used by researchers to manage their profiles and publications. Entering a research application into ResearchNow reduces data entry (as just the one system is used) and increases the visibility of the application approval process. The improvement in information and workflow provides up to date data to Colleges, enabling them to more easily undertake strategic planning to achieve their research goals and targets.

The project team has provided easy-to-read guides and short videos for researchers, College support staff, and form approvers which are available on

short course on how to use the new pre-award form is also available.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact the project team at

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