PhD with a Focus Project: HDR Development and Aspirations Survey

There are multiple benefits to connecting Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Students  with industry including skills development, creating pathways for impact and opening doors to potential career opportunities.

Digital Research Services (DRS)  are working wit the Office of Graduate Research (OGR)  to identify solution(s) to make connecting easier. The PhD with a Focus project aims to create network connections and improve graduate employment outcomes and transferrable skills through experiential learning with industry. For detailed information on the project, please refer to the PhD with Focus Project Information Sheet.

Phase 1 of the project involved gathering the perspectives of industry to understand what they value in connecting, how they like to connect and what is currently happening in their industry.  The insights that arose from this investigation have been consolidated into a short report which is now available in REST FLO site.

The next stage of the project is to gather the perspectives of HDR students.  To start this process, a survey has been created seeking information about what HDR students aspire to achieve through their degree, what they find valuable in connecting with people outside of academia and what Flinders could do to support connections.  Everyone’s viewpoint is important and we are seeking input from all disciplines, stages of candidature, backgrounds, experience and future aspirations.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and you can enter a draw to win one of two $50 visa vouchers.

We are also looking for people who would be keen to explore this topic with us in more detail. If you would like to be part of a follow-up workshop, please enter your name where indicated in the survey.

For any questions regarding the survey or the project, please contact either Lumai Tingey or Bec Linehan.

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