Jobs in DRS!

No, you aren’t wrong about the date! We break from our usually scheduled blog to announce that we in Digital Research Services (DRS) have three new 1 […]

Long weekend and updates

A Friday before a long weekend, time to relax and enjoy. For those going away be safe and stop frequently if you’re driving! For those staying […]

Blitz Planning March 2018

And hasn’t March gone by so quickly! Busy times for us all in DRS. We are an agile based team, and we all got a great […]

DRS Website

If you’re looking for ways Information and Digital Services can better support your research work, you can start by looking around the our Digital Research Services […]

How Project Teams Are Formed & About Us

Today’s content comes courtesy of Ehab. He always shares fascinating articles with our team, and these two were terrific. The Five Stages of Project Team Development, and Using […]