LMS Review Staff Announcement


Flinders is initiating a review of the Learning Management System (LMS), Flinders Learning Online (FLO) at Flinders.

In 2012 Flinders University moved the Learning Management System (LMS) to vendor hosted Moodle. Since then, whilst components of the system have been reviewed, replaced and enhanced, the core LMS has not undergone formal review. In order to achieve the outcomes of the 2025 Agenda, we need to ensure we have an LMS that is easy to use and can integrate with other educational technologies to allow new learning and teaching approaches to be quickly implemented.

The aim of the review is to identify an LMS to enable Flinders University to be an international leader in education innovation, advanced learning technologies and learning analytics.

In order to meet the strategic learning and teaching objectives of Flinders University, as outlined in ‘Making a Difference: The 2025 Agenda, the LMS must:

  • Provide a platform for high quality online learning.
  • Keep students at the centre of the Flinders learning and teaching experience.
  • Provide a consistent user experience to students.
  • Facilitate students to be partners in the co-creation of learning.
  • Enable a richly interactive, personalised and authentic approach to learning.
  • Encourage collaborative learning.
  • Enable work integrated learning and effective partnerships.
  • Align with the broader suite of programs.
  • Be hosted in a scalable and sustainable manner.

As part of the Review we will:

  • Gather feedback and requirements from academics, students & professional staff representatives through a series of consultation and engagement activities.
  • Investigate the market to identify a shortlist of potential future products to assess.
  • Provide access to potential future products to allow students, academics and professional staff to trial and assess the key functionality.

In order to provide regular updates on the progress of the LMS Review, we will set up a webpage documenting the review process and providing opportunities for feedback.

The results and recommendations of the LMS Review are scheduled to be completed by April 2019.

If you have any questions about the LMS review, please contact the project team by emailing dststeam@flinders.edu.au.

Your feedback is valuable in helping guide this important decision for Flinders.

All information about the review will be updated on the LMS Review webpage.

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