4th year MD students can now view their timetable information via new MD timetable


Following on from a previous post titled ‘Medical Students, Timetabling System Improvements‘, the first stage of these changes are now live.

So what does this mean?

All 4th year MD students are now able to access and view their timetable information via MD timetable.

1st, 2nd and 3rd year MD students will be allocated to activities over the coming weeks and you will be able to access your timetable before classes start in 2019. Once you have been allocated to your activities, you will receive an email to your Flinders email account, letting you know you are able to view your timetable.

To access and view your timetable:

  1. From your Flinders dashboard, click on the green ‘+ Add Apps’ button
  2. Type ‘MD timetable’ into the ‘search for an app’ field
  3. Click on ‘Add’ next to the application. The application will be added to your dashboard.

Once you have added the application, you can access your timetable at any time from your Flinders dashboard.

For step-by-step instructions, short videos and other support information, please visit MD timetable information.


Students should contact Flinders Connect in the first instance.
Staff should contact the IDS Help Desk.

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