7 things you need to know about Compass (aka Student Portal)


1. What is Compass?

The Compass Program is a student centred program, run by Digital Student and Teaching Services in collaboration with Student Experience, and it aims to simplify how students find out about and access support and services available at Flinders.

2. Why is it called Compass?

Participants from the Flinders University Student View Group were invited to enter the ‘Name this project’ competition. The group voted on all nominations for a project name, with ‘Compass’ securing the most votes and becoming the winner.

Compass– as we are providing guidance and direction to develop and transform the student experience at Flinders. Also ties in with Matthew Flinders’ role as a navigator and cartographer; where we are a reference point, mapping and planning our voyage together as to how this may be achieved”– Tom, Student View Group Member.

3. What is being delivery and when?

Compass aims to simplify how students find and access support and services at Flinders, and also to provide an opportunity for students to influence how the University responds to their needs. The program’s work can be summarised into 4 key themes.

Visibility of support services

  • As a student I want to understand what University wellbeing and support services are available to me and how I can access them.

Providing and actioning of feedback

  • As a student I want the opportunity to provide feedback to the University.
  • As a student I want to understand what actions are taken as a result of my feedback.


  • As a student I want to receive timely information from the University that is relevant to me.
  • As a student I want the University to know who I am when communicating with me.

Sense of belonging

  • As a student I want to be able to meet other students and form relationships with my peers.

The Compass Program is delivering a series of initiatives around each of these 4 key themes, to help improve the student experience at Flinders. These changes will be packaged up into a series of ‘Releases’ throughout 2019 and potentially into 2020.

4. What happens between then and now?

Using the prioritised list of work from our Student View reference group, the Compass Program will engage with key student support service areas at Flinders to identify some short-term and long-term actions. This work will be delivered in a series of ‘Releases’ throughout 2019/2020. More information will be provide to students as the scope of each of these ‘Releases’ are confirmed.

5. How do decisions get made?

After the list of work has been prioritised by the Student View reference group, it is then endorsed by the Compass Program Board and then approved by the Digital Student and Teaching Services Governance Group (Chaired by Prof. Clare Pollock, Deputy Vice Chancellor Students).

6. How does work get prioritised?

Work on the Compass Program is prioritised by students using the Student View reference group (made up of approx. 30 student representatives).

7. Can I be involved (students and staff)?

Yes, contact the Compass Program team via dststeam@flinders.edu.au and we can have a chat about how you’d like to be involved.

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