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Online Invigilation Pilot Update

The Online Invigilation Pilot is ready for Semester 1 and will deliver the University’s first online invigilated exams for the Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting), in Semester 1, 2019 at Flinders.

Digital Student and Teaching Services have partnered with Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching, Student Administration Services (SAS), College of Business Government and Law (BGL) and other key stakeholders to working together to ensure we provide the best possible experience for students and provide support to academics and professional staff with the new processes and technology solution, RPNow, throughout the pilot.

How does an Online Invigilated exam work?

An online exam (quiz) is created in FLO by the Topic Coordinator. An associated ‘session’ is created in RPNow, stipulating the exam conditions, such as timing, duration and any passwords required. Students will undertake a brief authentication process before being directed to their exam.

The session records the student and their screen during the exam using their webcam and microphone. Once the student has completed the exam and ‘submitted’, it is sent via RPNow to invigilators. The invigilators watch each recording, highlighting where potential issues related to academic integrity may have occurred. A report is sent within five (5) working days to the Topic Coordinator.

Which Topics are conducting an Online Exam?

Topic Code Topic Name
BUSN1001 Accounting Principles
BUSN1013 Economics for Business
BUSN1015 Foundations of Finance
BUSN2029 Financial Reporting
BUSN2036 Financial Accounting Issues
BUSN2042 Corporations Law
BUSN3054 Taxation Law and Practice

How will staff be supported to deliver online exams?

The following have been developed to support academics and professional staff throughout the pilot:

  • Demonstration of an end to end run through of the system
  • Training workshops and support resources
  • How to Guide for Topic Coordinators
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How will students be supported to undertake online exams?

Students will be provided with learning opportunities by way of several practice exams supplied by the Topic Coordinator and undertaken as part of their topic coursework and exam revision. The following support resources will be available to students:

  • Student User Guides linked in FLO Student HelpTopic and in their individual Topics
  • Video tutorial (2nd tab in FLO Student Help)
  • Online Invigilation Processes (available soon)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (available soon)

Rules have been drafted by Examination Services to support online invigilated exams and provide further clarification for staff and students.

Like more information?

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact the Project Team on

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