New Student Management and InPlace support websites


The Student Systems team in Digital Student and Teaching Services (DSTS) have launched two new webpages aimed at staff who use the Student Management and the InPlace systems to support our students.

Student Management is the system used by Flinders to administer and manage student information, used by University staff and students to:

  • Record student details.
  • Gain admission to courses.
  • Enrol in topics.
  • Register for classes.
  • Raise fees.
  • Receipt payments.
  • Record results.
  • Perform other student and University related processes.

More information.

InPlace is the system used to manage student placements, mainly by staff who support Work Integrated Learning (WIL) (aka placements) to:

  • Request placements from organisations.
  • Manage the responses to requests for placements.
  • Allocate students to placements.
  • Notify students of placements.
  • Co-ordinate and manage other placement related processes.

Students use InPlace to access, view and manage their placement information for the topics they are enrolled in that have a placement requirement.

More information.

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