Online invigilated exams pilot update

Digital Student and Teaching Services (DSTS) in close collaboration with the College of Business, Government and Law piloted online invigilated exams for students enrolled in selected fully online topics in the Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) Online.

We are pleased to announce that 96% of students met the required exam conditions.

Student feedback…

“Best way for me to access the opportunity to study”

While there has been a range of feedback regarding online exams, the overall consensus is that online exams were “somewhat easy/ easy” and given a choice, students would generally opt to use online exams again. Students were satisfied with the support they received before and during exams from topic coordinators, project team and the vendor.

Staff feedback…

“An interesting experience and is the way forward in education”

Survey results indicate academic staff found online exams easy to use, and would feel confident using them again in future. Most staff would recommend online exams to colleagues, and found it useful in determining students meeting academic integrity standards. Staff felt that the time taken to learn the product was worthwhile.

This pilot project has been an example of successful uni-wide collaboration, with the following areas all contributing greatly to the success of the project:

  • The College of Business, Government and Law
  • DSTS
  • Centre of Innovation and Learning Technology (CILT)
  • Examination Services
  • The Library (FLO Student Support)
  • Policy area

Next steps

Full evaluation activities and a report of the pilot are underway and will be presented to the Educational Technology Alignment Program (ETAP) Board for consideration in moving forward to 2020.

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