Flinders alumni scoop prizes at 2019 PE Teacher Awards

Grange Primary School teacher and Flinders graduate Nick Warren (BEd(JP/P)/BA ’09) has been recognised for exceptional work in the health and physical education field with the Norma Jenner Memorial Award for 2019 Primary HPE Teacher of the Year.

Nick received the award at the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation SA (ACHPER) ceremony during Physical Education week, for his ongoing work promoting active and healthy lifestyles for primary school students through quality teaching at Grange School.

Nick says the award recognises teachers “that use evidence-based research to inform their practice so they can reflect, seek constructive feedback, and regularly attend Professional Development to continually improve throughout their whole career.

“The award is important to me as it recognises a learning area each year that I believe to be the most important.

“As a HPE teacher I feel it is my duty to provide the best possible education for the children at my school as I was lucky enough to have educators throughout my schooling and tertiary education that did the same for my education. Essentially, I feel I am just paying back what I owe.

“It is nice to hear feedback, especially constructive feedback as it drives me to continually be better.”

Nick wasn’t the only Flinders graduate recognised for their ongoing teaching efforts – with Renee Chatterton (BEd(MidSecSch)/BHlthSc ’15), Scott Hughes (BEd(Sec)/BA ’11) and Billie Newton (BEd(MidSecSch)/BA ’19) also selected for Physical Education awards after being nominated by their peers.

Organised by the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation SA Branch, Physical Education week promotes the importance of Health & PE and its role in the learning and development of students.

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