Consummate and compassionate professionalism

I recently spent two months in the Royal Adelaide Hospital and rehab after contracting a life-threatening MSSA infection. I experienced terrible pain, complications and underwent major surgery – I had some very dark days where I was barely aware of my surroundings.

My memory is clear however of the kindness of the nursing care I received when I was completely dependent, and the compassion that was embedded in even the most simple acts where I was encouraged to recover my strength and capacity.

My gratitude to all of those many nurses who inspired me when I was frustrated, patiently worked with me when I just wanted to sleep, and who really cared about my progress.

But it is Sal who I will never forget, sprinkling me with water when my temperature spiked, and who danced around my bed like a wood nymph, making me laugh for the first time in many days. Her wonderful sense of humour and her consummate and compassionate professionalism were key element in my recovery. Thank you Sal.

Judith Leeson AM, Flinders Caring Futures Institute ambassador and an Education graduate

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