Truly a godsend

After returning from overseas, I was really anxious about hotel quarantine. I did not know what to expect from being locked indoors for a consecutive 14 days. When I reached the airport in Sydney I was greeted by a nurse who checked my temperature and started explaining the quarantine protocol. The nurse straight away could see my distressed state, so she took me to sit down and discussed my options with me. She made me feel so comfortable and ensured that she would do everything in her power to get me a suitable hotel room to manage my anxiety.

After reaching the hotel and settling in, and upon reflection, I couldn’t have made the 14 days without the help of the nurses who checked on my welfare multiple times a day. They genuinely seemed like they cared about my circumstances and spoke to me with tenderness and care each time, some even saying a joke or two.

Nurses are truly a godsend to this world and I don’t know how I could ever repay them for getting me through mandatory hotel quarantine during this unprecedented times. Thank you nurses and midwives for everything you do!

Joyce, Nutrition and Dietetics graduate



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