Twice the celebrations for twin-sister graduates

Twins Aneesha and Maleesha Silva both graduate today… from the same degree!

The passionate educators have completed a Master of Teaching (Early Childhood) with a hope to create new initiatives that positively impact children beyond the classroom.

Why did you both choose to study at Flinders University rather than others?
We chose to study at Flinders University based on glowing recommendations from numerous friends who had experienced its academic excellence firsthand. Their enthusiastic praise for Flinders convinced us that it was the perfect place to pursue our educational aspirations. They highlighted the exceptional quality of lecturers, the abundance of resources available, and the conducive learning environment at the Bedford Park location.

Have you both always wanted to become teachers? And why?
The growth and development of our academic path is amazing. At first, motivated by our ability for numbers, we considered getting a bachelor’s degree in accounting. We were drawn to the logical and problem-solving nature of numbers, which gave us the motivation to learn more about the subject.
But when we discovered that we were passionate about teaching, our journey took an unexpected turn. Our experiences teaching and guiding our younger siblings have shown us how deeply fulfilling it is to support the development of others. This insight sparked a desire for learning that went beyond our initial accounting fascination. The sense of joy that comes from sharing information and seeing young brains grow motivated us to shift our academic priorities in order to pursue a career as teachers. This change in course more closely matched our inner enthusiasm and drive to use education to positively improve the world.

What are the positives and negatives of studying the same course as your twin?
One of the major advantages has been our ability to study together, supporting each other’s learning. If one of us missed a lecture or needed clarification, the other was there to fill in the gaps in knowledge. This mutual support has been invaluable.
Another positive aspect has been our synchronization with assignment due dates. We always had them in mind, ensuring that deadlines were met consistently. However, a notable challenge arose in choosing assignment topics. While we often had similar interests and ideas, we consciously avoided selecting the same topics for lesson plans to uphold academic integrity and avoid plagiarism. This sometimes meant having to opt for alternative topics, diverging from our initial preferences to ensure the uniqueness of our assignments.
The singular negative aspect we encountered was this limitation in topic choice. We felt it wasn’t appropriate to select identical topics solely because we were twins, which occasionally meant sacrificing our first-choice topics for the sake of academic honesty. Despite this challenge, the shared journey of learning and mutual support far outweighed this minor drawback, creating a rewarding and enriching academic experience for both of us.

Now that you’ve graduated, what are your future plans?
We work as teachers at Elite Early Education and Kids at Woodcroft, and our aim for the future is to continue our work in the same place. However, our career aspirations extend beyond this immediate goal. We aspire to further specialise in early childhood education methodologies, potentially pursuing certifications or additional qualifications to enhance our teaching skills. Long-term, we envision taking on leadership roles within the educational institution, contributing to curriculum development or mentorship programs that empower other educators. Additionally, we’re keen on exploring opportunities for community outreach, aiming to create educational initiatives that positively impact children beyond the classroom.

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