Flinders’ 2024 Fringe Guide

Adelaide Fringe is just around the corner! Here’s 10 of the best shows by Flinders graduates and staff, including a separate focus on dance performances.

What’s your vibe for this year’s Fringe? Are you feeling energetic, intellectual, or a little mischievous perhaps? Flinders’ talented graduates and staff are flexing their creative muscle in Fringe shows that promise to delight, whatever your mood!


The Tumour Show

Wed 21 Feb – Sun 03 Mar
Chandelier Room at Electric Dreams @ Freemasons Hall

Award winning playwright Peter Beaglehole’s (BA ’13, BA(Hons) ’13, PhD(CreatArts)’19) comedy about resilience, the end of the world, and his spinal tumour. Like a self-help meeting that goes off the rails, this is the story of finding joy in the horror of carrying on.

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Dirty Energy
Thu 07 Mar – Sun 10 Mar
House & Grounds at Carclew

Katherine Sortini’s (BCreatArts(Drama) ’18, BCreatArts(Hons)’19) ‘Dirty Energy’ delves into the brutal world of the hospitality industry through the lives of Bast, Avi, and Clay. Set in a modern dining restaurant that masks its toxicity with casual elegance, the play reveals the harsh realities of the industry. Overworked, underpaid, overtired on minimum wage – the crew use alcohol, drugs, banter and each other to survive.

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Club Culture

Fri 16 Feb
Club Curious at Gluttony, Rymill Park

Experience contemporary Aboriginal culture like never before. CLUB CULTURE is a one-night-only event, featuring art workshops by Mali Isabel (BEd(PrR-7),BA’21), Ben Williams, and Lawson Dodd (BCreatArts(VEED)’20), and live performances from Katie Aspel, Rob Edwards, Sonz of Serpent, and DJ Phoenixx. This full line-up of entertainment by Aboriginal artists and musicians will make this a night you won’t want to miss.

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Caught In Between

Thu 22 Feb – Sun 03 Mar
Studio 166, Goodwood Theatre and Studios

Centring around an Asian-Australian experience, this multi-disciplinary theatrical work by Danielle Lim (BCreatArts(Drama)’21, BCreatArts(Hons)’22)  explores the possibility of existing within two worlds at once and what it means to be a migrant. This journey will combine original soundscapes, video projections, and live storytelling, to blur the lines between Malaysian and Australian cultures. As active participants, the audience is invited to travel through memories, objects and time, uncovering emotions, challenges, and decisions that can shape the lives of migrants.

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Red District

Wed 06 Mar – Sun 17 Mar
The Octagon at Gluttony – Rymill Park

If you crave a show that is sexy, provocative and enticing then come and indulge yourself in a night at the Red District. Get transported through a haze of devilish dancers, mischievous comedy and phenomenal aerial artistry sprinkled with a little skin and a lot of cheek. Indulge yourself in a world full of temptation, guaranteed to leave you wanting more. Adelaide Fringe Award Winner in 2023. MC’d by Frank Award Winner Hew Parham (BA(Drama Performance ’02, BA(Hons)’06).

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Deep Rest
10am-5pm, Fri 16 Feb – Sun 17 Mar, FREE entry
Gallery 3, Hahndorf Academy

‘Deep Rest’ is the outcome of an epic adventure Oakey (BCreatArts(VisArts) ’19, BCreatArts(Hons)’20) made on her motorbike… in search of rest, recalibration and a deeper connection to nature and herself. She travelled from Adelaide to Yamba NSW to take part in an eight day Vision Quest in the bush. Four days and nights of this were alone with nothing but water and sleeping gear. This exhibition is her connection to that experience.

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FUMA Exhibition Launch – Between the Details: Video Art from the ACMI Collection

2pm – 5pm, Wed 21 February, FREE entry
Flinders University Museum of Art

Flinders University Museum of Art invites you to the exhibition launch of Between the Details: Video Art from the ACMI Collection. Showcasing five moving image artworks by Australian artists, this exhibition celebrates ACMI’s vibrant collecting and commissioning program.

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Presented by Flinders Assemblage Centre for Creative Arts: Bestiaries of the More-Than-Humane

6pm – 8.30pm, Thurs 29 February
Flinders Festival Tower, North Tce Adelaide

Guided by Jonathon Keats (University of Arizona) and Alice Gorman (Flinders University), this arts research workshop will explore lessons in ethics to be learned from creatures, providing a space for creative expression of the more-than-humane.

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Assemblage’s Night of Creative Readings

5.30pm – 7.30pm, Thurs 7 March
Flinders Festival Tower, North Tce Adelaide

Join us for a night of curated creative readings from Assemblage Centre for Creative Arts members and friends at the new Flinders Festival Tower. Artists include Sarah Peters, Kendrea Rhodes (BLitt(CreatWriting)(GradEntry)’21, BCreatArts(Hons) ’23), Sean Williams, Tiffany Knight (BA(Hons) ’14, PhD(CreatArts)’18), Matt Hawkins (PhD(EHLT)’13), Laurent Woolbright, & Renato Musolino.

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Hyperaurea: Equinox

4pm – 8pm, Wed 13th March
The Plaza, Flinders University Bedford Park Campus

Hyperaurea: Equinox charts a course through Antarctica, the last frontier on Earth, as experienced by Sean Williams, Arts Fellowship expeditioner to Casey station in 2017, and palaeontologist Professor John Long. Ambient music (Williams) and hypnotic visuals (Katie Cavanagh (BA ’03, BA(Hons)’05) and Shane Bevin (BTeach(JP/P)’96) combine in two unique presentations: an intimate, fully-immersive ambisonic experience, and an open-air iteration in the natural amphitheatre of Flinders University’s Bedford Park campus. Hyperaurea evokes slow seasonal change in a land where there are no trees or flowers, using subtle inversions and reversals in pitch, tone and rhythm to capture the essence of life on an outpost surrounded by vast tracks of nature rarely seen by human eyes.

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Grim Grinning Ghosts

Wed, 06 Mar – Fri, 15 Mar
The Breakout at The Mill

On a day after grief, one lonely artist is left to wade through the belongings of some dead relatives, only to find they have walked into an otherworldly intervention. In a one-of-a-kind choreographic séance, the audience will be guided into the afterlife of those living, and deceased. Horrific? Yes! Sad? Absolutely! This solo work is one that will stay with you; it might even follow you home…
Created and performed by Alix Kuijpers (BCreatArts(Dance)’21, BCreatArts(Hons)’22), winner of the 2023 Adelaide Fringe Emerging Artist Award.
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Wed, 28 Feb – Sat, 02 Mar
House & Grounds at Carclew

Soloist Amelia Watson (BCreatArts(Dance) ’21) explores ‘heartbreak’ and its ever-changing meaning and relevance for queer communities. A heartfelt and dynamic contemporary dance performance; Sentiments is a world where handwritten letters, sent in by LGBTQIA+ people from across the globe, are shared in an anthropological examination of love, pain and safety.
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That’s Amore.

Mon, 04 Mar – Thu, 07 Mar
Main Theatre at Goodwood Theatre and Studios

That’s Amore., by Kate Burgess (BCreatArts(Hons) ’23), is a satire and multifaceted dance theatre performance combined with 5 short films. This work is produced by Alchemy Dance Collective and performed by 6 local female dancers.
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Sun, 18 Feb – Fri, 15 Mar
Basement Bar at Therapy Cocktail Bar

Three words…. Dripping fruit, catharsis & contemporary dance. Pulp is a performance art club night for all. Taking place at Therapy Cocktail Bar, in the first week and last week of the 2024 season of Adelaide Fringe. Curated by four of Adelaide queer artists; Amelia Watson (BCreatArts(Dance) ’21), Alix Kuijpers (BCreatArts(Hons)’22) and Co-Founders of Alchemy Collective, Kate Burgess (BCreatArts(Hons) ’23) and Caroline De Wan (BCreatArts(Dance) ’22).
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Thu, 14 Mar – Fri, 15 Mar
THE STABLES at Adelaide College of the Arts

RDR is TAFE SA’s Bachelor of Creative Arts (DANCE). Students present an ensemble of works by Adelaide’s newest dance creators and performers. You’ll witness short fresh new works by artists with innovative styles and original stories to tell. The cast/crew features a number of Flinders graduates.
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Future Cargo

Fri, 16 Feb – Sun, 17 Mar
Future Cargo at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

Future Cargo is an homage to a past and a future where contact seems all too possible. It’s the acclaimed outdoor show by Frauke Requardt & David Rosenberg and combines large-scale spectacle with surprising intimacy in a sci-fi dance phenomenon performed under the stars, where audiences wear headphones to connect them to the strange world and events inside the truck. Features Flinders graduate Felicity Boyd (BCreatArts(Dance) ’18).
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Fri, 16 Feb – Sat, 16 Mar
The May Wirth at Gluttony – Rymill Park

Introducing: Australia’s HOTTEST Fire Show! Making its highly anticipated debut at Adelaide Fringe 2024; Inferno will tantilise the pyromaniac within with a sizzling line-up of some of Australia’s best fire and burlesque artists! Featuring graduate Nikita Pippett (BCreatArts(Dance) ’23).
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Two of Them

Tue, 20 Feb – Sat, 09 Mar
LECTURE Gallery at MOD. at UniSA

“Christopher Orchard is an extraordinary talent in that he combines uncommon vision and skill to create art that captures the zeitgeist of our time.” Stephen Rosenberg Fine Art, New York. The creative team combine text, clowning, movement, and expressionistic lighting with animation of Orchard’s paintings to bring this work to life. Featuring graduate Sophie Hollingworth (BCreatArts(Dance) ’23).
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