Boost your ATAR with uniTEST

Keen to prove you have what it takes to succeed at uni? Want to increase your options to gain a place in the course at Flinders you know you want? Chances are, the Flinders uniTEST can help get you there.

UniTEST assesses the generic reasoning and thinking skills that underpin studies at higher education. The test consist of 95 multiple choice questions that measure skills in quantitative reasoning, critical reasoning and verbal-plausible reasoning. The test complements your Year 12 ATAR results, can be used for entry into over 90 courses at Flinders University, and it’s entirely free to sit.

If you do well in the test, the results can count towards 40% of your application to a course at Flinders, with the remaining 60% weighted on your ATAR result. If your results are stronger for your ATAR than your uniTEST performance, Flinders will disregard your uniTEST results. This way, you can never be disadvantaged by sitting the uniTEST.

The uniTEST won’t guarantee you a place at uni, but it can assist you to enter the course of your choice. If you’re looking for the chance to impress, and to show university you have the ability to succeed – even beyond your ATAR score – talk to your school about testing, or register your interest at

More information can be found at the uniTEST web page, or by contacting us at Flinders University today.

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