Phoebe Budge | How I came to study Education

Hi, I’m Phoebe, and I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Middle and Secondary Schooling), Bachelor of Arts at Flinders University. I love my course, but this isn’t actually my first degree.

I came straight from Year 12 at St Aloysius College to University. Having just finished school, I had no idea on what I wanted for my future career, but before I even begun at university I had to decide what to study. And all I knew was that I loved interacting with people. As I received my ATAR and was given bonus points from Flinders, I was provided with endless amount of choice. I spoke to family and friends and the suggestion of studying the Bachelor of Speech Pathology arose. I loved the idea of helping people within the community and with such a range of ages.

At the beginning of my course, I struggled. I assumed it was due to starting a university degree and convinced myself it would get easier. I made amazing friends through Speech Pathology so going to university became easier and easier. However, I struggled to fall in love with what I was learning, although I was determined not to give up. Through a few connections, I observed two different speech pathologists as work experience to see if I enjoyed the ‘life in the day of a speech pathologist’. Afterwards, I was still left deliberating if I wanted to continue with Speech Pathology or not. Coincidentally I performed in a school drama touring show  which gave me the opportunity to interact with many school students in different areas around Adelaide. This was an eye-opening moment for me. I was already heavily involved with drama as an extra-curricular activity and realised that through studying a Bachelor of Education I could also do a Bachelor of Arts and study drama.

It was a hard decision to make, and I was so determined to push through and be successful in Speech Pathology. I was influenced by my friends to stay, however, I knew changing degrees would benefit me in the long run. I have now completed a semester of Bachelor of Education (Middle and Secondary Schooling), Bachelor of Arts and I can honestly say that I’m a lot happier and I know this is the career path I want to take. I still keep in touch with the beautiful friends I made through Speech Pathology and they too can see my risen enthusiasm for study.

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