Talking to a Prospective Student Advisor

Emily Peacock
Hi, my name is Emily and I’m studying a double degree in Secondary Education and Health Sciences at Flinders University. I graduated from Saint Ignatius’ College in 2014 and decided I wanted to go straight to university.


I feel my story is best told with context, so here is a little bit about my experience at school. Two aspects of my schooling were the most prominent in shaping me as a young adult. The first of these was the strong academic focus. As students we were expected to achieve the very best that we possibly could and this sense of focus and determination is something which I bring to my university studies today. The second aspect which remains a significant value of mine is that of service and social justice. I have always known that whatever journey I travel throughout my life I want to be helping people and making a difference in the world.


These two areas narrowed down my choice of university courses, but it was still difficult choosing just one. As I entered Year 12 I was interested in both human rights law and teaching. I know these seem like quite divergent career paths but they both had the same end goal, to improve educational opportunities offered to children in less developed areas. Both career options appealed to me, but I wasn’t sure which one to choose; I was stuck and had no idea what I should do next.


Being totally confused, I made a booking to speak to a Prospective Student Advisor at Flinders. This was one of the best things I could have possibly done. Not only did they show me all my options for both courses but they also offered me advice about what could be my best pathway given my interests and personality. Going on a campus tour was another fantastic way for me to decide what Uni I wanted to choose and which course to apply for. Driving away from Flinders that afternoon I knew that this was the university for me and that I would be welcomed, regardless of what course I decided on.


Ultimately for me it came down to going with my heart and I decided to pursue teaching with health sciences. I love my course and am so thankful I didn’t choose only on the basis of my ATAR. My advice to all Year 12s and Year 11s considering their future at university is to ask questions. This could mean making contact with the universities, or I’d strongly recommend booking a time to visit. When you are open to new opportunities and actively seek information you never know where you will end up!

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