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Hello! My name is Zak and I’m in my first year here at Flinders. This time last year I was finishing year 12. I was in the exact same position you are in right now. Your final exams will be coming up soon, and you may be worried about how to prepare, how to refrain from stressing too much, and ultimately how you can reach your greatest potential. I am going to tell you about my personal tips which help me prevent stress and perform at my best. Don’t worry I am not just going to say to have a good nights sleep, eat a good breakfast, and that you shouldn’t cram, because everybody knows that. I am going to tell you my top 3 techniques.

1.)  My first piece of advice isto actually study! This may seem like a pretty standard thing to do, but it is surprising how many people avoid doing this! Some of my study tips include making sure you manage your time, and ensure that you put time aside for each subject. I also look at past work and feedback from throughout the year, and I leave time to test myself on the knowledge. Making use of any practice exams, if available, is a great idea too. Studying well will help you have a good understanding of the topics, and can improve your confidence going into an exam.
2.)  My second tip is something a bit more abstract and I think people underestimate the power of it. Before I take any exam, I always make sure I do some form of exercise. For me, this means a short walk around the campus before being let into the exam room. I strongly believe that exercise can take some of the stress out and allows you to think more clearly. I have found that this exercise before an exam can be very effective, and it definitely has helped me.
3.)  My last tip is for any pre-exam nerves on the day. During my Year 12 exams my heart was beating very fast and my palms were sweaty. To help with this I simply took slow, deep breaths. Although you may have heard this before, it honestly surprised me at how well this worked.

With these small, simple techniques, I feel much more confident and relaxed going into exams, and I hope they help you too. Good luck with your exams and final assignments!

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