From Flinders to Oxford | 2017 Rhodes Scholar, Jordan Gifford-Moore

Hi, my name is Jordan and I have recently completed a combined Law and Arts degree at Flinders University. As I was completing this, I applied and was successfully awarded the 2017 Rhodes Scholarship for South Australia. This scholarship funds me to study for two years at Oxford University in the UK. The scholarships are awarded to students who want to continue their studies at Oxford to begin a career which will ‘fight the world’s fight’ in areas which benefit vulnerable people around the world.

The purpose of the scholarship complements my focus at Flinders throughout my studies on social justice and innovative thinking. The scholarship application process is competitive and I really benefited from the opportunities which Flinders provided me during my study. In applying for the Rhodes, and scholarships in general, it is important to demonstrate a commitment to taking initiative, making the most of opportunities, and showing a passion for your particular areas of interest and causes.

When I began at Flinders, I could not have imagined the places that my course would take me. During the first two years of study, my degree gave me the chance to travel to Sydney and Melbourne for Law School competitions, opened up volunteering with the Red Cross refugee program in Adelaide, as well as the chance to work as a research assistant for professors within the Law School. At the same time, my Arts studies gave me an interest in international work and travel. I was able to fulfil this interest in 2014 when I left Australia for nearly 2 years to intern in Washington DC, travel through Europe, and study in Beijing. When I returned to Australia, these experiences helped me to gain a job in a Sydney law firm working on international finance deals.

During school I had no idea that any of these experiences were possible (or affordable) until I got to Flinders and found out about the exchange programs, scholarships, and work experience available. These allowed me to further my interests in international relations, politics, international finance, and education. It was a busy 6 years, but I enjoyed every moment of it, and taking up as many of these opportunities as possible has allowed me to continue this journey at Oxford. While it takes some research to find out about the opportunities available, I found that my lecturers at Flinders were approachable and genuinely interested in helping students achieve their goals. I never would have known about the Rhodes Scholarship if it had not been for my International Law Professor directing me to the website. So for anyone interested in seeking out these experiences, I definitely recommend studying at Flinders, and speaking with lecturers and tutors and saying “yes” to every opportunity which comes your way!
All the best for 2017!

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