Timothy’s insight on Biotechnology

I am currently in my second year of studying a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology. Biotechnology is a very broad field of study, with applications in medical, industrial, environmental and agricultural fields. For example, a biotechnologist could spend their time creating vaccines or genetically modifying plants or animals, or they could even choose to go into wine or cheesemaking.

Upon choosing Flinders, I realised that I made the right choice when I found an atmosphere like no other. Flinders has extremely helpful staff, good employability services and a huge amount of extracurricular opportunities such as student clubs, associations, and events.  I still am friends with several people I met in first year, even though we study completely different degrees. The campus I go to, Bedford park, also has a nice atmosphere, with a great natural feel to it and an amazing view.

I absolutely love the entrepreneurial side of biotech and, while I definitely want to get into research, it is my dream to start up a biotech company right here in Adelaide.

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