Emily’s Story | Flinders Horizon Program

A Horizon student meet up I hosted last year.

Hello there!

My name is Emily, and I am currently in my third year of studying a Bachelor of Business majoring in Human Resource Management, combined with a Bachelor of Health Science Majoring in Health Management.

You’re probably thinking, what on earth is the Horizon Program? Well, it is a professional development award offered by the university for free to all Flinders students, to help you develop skills external to your degree which will help you become more employable when you graduate! And you can start it from your first day joining at Flinders!

Ok, so how does it work? Basically, you gain points towards your Horizon Award by completing various activities. And the good thing is you get to choose what activities you complete to achieve your award. For example, I received points for volunteering activities, mentoring a student at university, being a team member of a student club, and for learning a second language.

Through the program I have also had the opportunity to make friends with loads of people outside of my degree from all over the university: studying science, engineering, law and more! So if you’re looking for a way to expand your career prospects whilst meeting awesome people, the Horizon Award is the way to go!

If you want to learn more about the horizon award, you can follow this  link: http://www.flinders.edu.au/careers/horizon/students.cfm

I wish you all the best with your studies and hope to see you on campus soon!


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