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My name is Ally, and I am studying a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Theatre and Performance) at Flinders University. I am also the Well-being, Education, and Professional Development Director for the Flinders Business Students’ Association, which means I get to run events for business students throughout the year.

Studying create industries allows me to learn about a variety of topics, from visual effects to tourism and events, and of course, theatre!

Here’s a day in my life:

I arrive on campus around 9:30am and grab a coffee in the Flinders Laneway, while I go over some of my readings for the week ahead.

At 10am I then head into the Matthew Flinders Theatre for a hybrid lecture for my Theatre and Education topic. Today we had guest lecturer Dr Alex Vickery-Howe, an award-winning playwright and emerging novelist. He provided tips on adapting stories and giving them twists to make them our own, as our current assessment focuses on adaptation.

The lecture finishes at 10:50, we get a 10-minute break and then start our 2-hour workshop for the topic.

Currently, we are working on a touring adaption assessment, where we work in groups and get to take a story that’s out of copyright and rewrite it for a 15-minute performance that can be toured at schools – reducing our usage of props and equipment.

This is the second workshop we’ve had to work on our assessment, last week we spent the time fine tuning our idea and this week we refined our idea, allocated characters, and focused on character personality before

After the workshop finishes at 1pm I head to the shared kitchen to heat up my lunch – but often I buy either a burrito from Zambrero or a toasted roll from one of the coffee shops.

I then head up to the law and commerce courtyard, where I can chill in the FBSA office and work on another assignment – writing a script for my writing for performance topic. Then at 2pm I run the weekly WEP meeting online. After that I relax a bit more and play uno with some of the other business students to end the day off.


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