Amy’s Forensic Life

Hi! My name is Amy and I’m a 3rd year student studying the Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Forensic and Analytical Science) at Flinders University.
I chose the chemistry stream of the course as I’m interested in forensic toxicology and learning about methods of drug detection and quality assurance testing.

As a forensic chemistry student, I’ve had the opportunity to complete topics in organic and inorganic chemistry, spectroscopy, and toxicology, as well as topics in forensic biology offered by the biology stream of the course. In the first and second year, we focused on learning core theory behind analytical techniques and began to be exposed to using advanced laboratory equipment with the aid of teaching staff. In third year, as students we have the opportunity to use the skills and knowledge you develop in your first years to work independently and safely in a lab environment.  

A typical day as a third-year forensic chemistry student involves attending a morning lecture followed by a full day lab session in synthesis or spectroscopic testing.
Laboratory sessions are designed to be self-paced, to allow students to approach the allocated experiments in the order they wish and to practice using their time effectively.

On non-laboratory days, my time is normally spent studying with friends in the science teaching spaces and attending lectures. Typical assessments to expect include laboratory reports, oral presentations, and tests, in addition to the occasional moot court where we get the opportunity to present mock casework as a forensic witness.  

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