Chloe’s Educational Journey Through Flinders

Hi, My name is Chloe, A day of the life of an education student will vary for everyone for we all have our own unique commitments. My timetable will vary each semester depending on when my teaching placement takes place and my chosen electives (biology and drama). At the moment, I have three non-semester education classes which I go into uni twice a week for. This is a full time study load for all third year students,  who have taken complete their placement earlier in the year as their fourth topic.

My classes are arranged in the middle of the day to make it convenient to maximise my hours of work as an OSHC coordinator/assistant.
As an education student, you will attend various of education classes that discuss important theories to approach teaching your students in your class, important issues that are faced in education, and topics relevant to teaching students and the curriculum. Every week, your class will most likely assign weekly readings and lectures related to the focus topic of the week that are discussed in class. Most of the education topics I have done so far have involved a passionate teacher, plenty of group discussions with the whole class and fun activities in class each week.

Outside of attending class, I love to study on campus. One of my popular studies areas has been the computer labs on floor three of the education building when I want to do independent study before an education class and a great space to charge your laptop. For group presentation meetings or when I study with education friends, I love using the tables on floor three of the education building; especially when you have a class nearby. You will easily find me studying at the commons floor in the library for it is close to the buses and the express bus to the train and he hub when I am catching up with non-education students, about to catch the train home, or grabbing myself some food and drinks.

Overall, I find studying education at Flinders University as one of the best experiences in my life for the opportunities to volunteer in education related areas is endless. Everyone I have met in my class come from different journeys of life but we have a passion for working with young people and passionate on the subject areas we plan to teach in common. I have always found free time to socialise and study with friends on campus, to work a good amount of hours at my job (15 – 30 hours every week), and to do volunteering, clubs, or hobbies on the side.

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