Funding Successes

Congratulations to FCIC members on their cancer grant success in the recent NHMRC project round:

  • Robyn Meech, Ross McKinnon, Peter Mackenzie, Dong Gui Hu and Chris Karapetis – UGT enzymes in chemotherapeutic drug metabolism: new avenues to improve drug response and overcome resistance
  • Bogda Koczwara – Large-scale data to understand person-centred outcomes in cancer survivors
  • David Watson – Improving oesophageal adenocarcinoma outcomes through understanding genomics and treatment toxicity

Congratulations to FCIC members awarded non-cancer grants:

  • Justine Smith – First-in-field study of mechanisms operating in Post-Ebola Eye Disease
  • Richard Reed – CareTrack Aged: appropriate care delivered to Australians living in residential aged care
  • Billingsley Kaambwa- A randomised evaluation of the appropriateness of anatomic coronary investigation in cardiac injury/MI Type 2
  • Briony Forbes – Conologues: Ultra-fast-acting therapeutic insulins based on cone snail venom insulin principles.



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