Raffle to support Anne-Sophie’s Tour de Cure ride


A basket full of delicious treats will be raffled to support Anne-Sophie’s fundraising efforts for the Tour de Cure SA Country Ride.  Tickets are $2 each or $5 for 3 and can be purchased from Michelle Cox (michelle.cox@flinders.edu.au or phone 8404 2842).  The raffle will be drawn at 10.30am March 27th on level 4 of FCIC by Anne-Sophie Medhorn and contains 11 individually wrapped treats:

1x Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Bunny (80g)

Chocolate Apricots (150g)
‘One of our most popular products! Deliciously soft ‘n’ sweet apricot fruit pieces coated in layers of smooth pure milk chocolate.’

Chocolate Honeycomb (80g)
‘Crispy ‘n’ sweet honeycomb coated in delicous chocolate!’

Glazed Peanuts (150g)
‘Fresh Australian peanuts with a sweet ‘n’ crunchy toffee coating! Made by hand in copper pots – the Charlesworth way!’

Beer Nuts (150g)
‘Jumbo sized Australian peanuts cooked to perfection and seasoned with salt.’

BBQ Puff Rice Crackers (50g)
‘Crunchy rice crackers bursting with barbecue flavour.’

Licorice Allsorts (150g)
‘Wonderfully sweet and colourful licorice slices.’

Party Favourite (150g)
‘A little savoury, a little sweet – Glazed Peanuts, Chocolate Peanuts, Blanched Roasted Peanuts, Sultanas, Banana Chips & Diced Dried Paw Paw.’

Rice Crackers (70g)
‘Plain rice crackers – a light and savoury treat.’

Salted Cashews (150g)
‘One of our most popular products! The highest quality cashew nuts cooked in triple refined peanut oil and seasoned with a sprinkling of salt – pure heaven!’

Sugared Peanuts (125g)
‘Made the old fashioned way in copper pots over a gas flame, these sugar coated peanuts have been a longstanding Charlesworth classic for decades and they’re so deliciously sweet.’

Spicy Nut ‘n’ Cracker Mix (100g)
‘Crispy & light rice crackers with salty & crunchy blanched roasted peanuts and beer nuts, seasoned with a fiery barbecue spice!’



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