Construction of elevated walkway to begin

Flinders train station will be built to the north of FCIC, beyond the SALHN/FPH carpark, and will link Flinders to the city via the Tonsley train line. Construction will begin mid 2020, with some exploratory work already underway.

An elevated, covered walkway will be built from Flinders train station.  It will pass over the SALHN /FPH carpark and connect to the footpath near the breast unit (across from the FCIC building).  Pylons to support the walkway will be built across the across the road from the FCIC entrance over the coming weeks.

The access road and FCIC main entrance will remain open throughout the development work.  Traffic control will be used when necessary, and at times the road may reduce to only one drop off carpark directly outside FCIC entrance, but it’s hoped this will be minimal.


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