Seminar Series Organising Committee

The FHMRI Molecular Biosciences weekly seminar series will soon begin for 2021.  Following the structure from last year, every four weeks there will be a shared seminar across FHMRI themes, in which each theme will take turns to host an esteemed external scientist in their field.

As part of our focus on professional development of our next generation of researchers, all MCR/ECR researchers are invited to be involved in co-ordinating these seminar series. This will be a great opportunity to work with your colleagues to set a strong seminar agenda, make new external contacts in your field, and to contribute to the institute.  In consultation with the CALD working group from the GIDE committee, there is a strong desire to increase diversity in the FHMRI seminar series and in the committee membership.  If you haven’t thought about being involved previously please consider it for 2021.

Please contact if you are interested.

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