STEMcognito launched

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STEMcognito provides a smart solution for a major issue within STEM fields: the lack of a validated, trustworthy and efficient platform to deposit and access scientific videos. Our platform (1) promotes the visibility of Australian EMCRs, (2) supports public engagement skills, (3) facilitates communication between scientists and non-scientists, and (4) allows EMCRs to follow video content produced by other scientists on-demand.

EMCRs can submit videos about their research for different audiences and have different format options for these videos based on their preferences: They can produce long or short talks, webinars, PhD Slams, talks for kids or behind-the-scenes-videos. Depending on the chosen format, EMCRs decide how much detail to include within their presentation. They will also have the option to choose whether their presentation is appropriate for other scientists, non-scientific adults or children. Each video will contain information about the original research study, including publication citations where appropriate, as well as contact information for the video creator (with permission). We also offer guidance to video producers to assist them in creating high-quality, engaging videos.

The STEMcognito platform creates value for EMCRs in Australia by facilitating conversations between groups: video viewers (both scientists and the general public) and scientific video creators. To allow these exchanges, viewers can feed-back on videos via an embedded ‘comments’ feature and rating system. We aim to encourage video creators to engage with these comments and lead the following discussions to bring them closer to their audiences.  Australian EMCRs are often penalized for being in different time zones than many of their global colleagues, with inconvenient scheduling making it difficult to follow live seminars or webinars. By depositing videos on STEMcognito, Australian EMCRs will gain access to and be able to distribute their own scientific presentations asynchronously, allowing them to engage better with scientific colleagues.

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