Applying for a NHMRC IDEAS grant in 2021

Ideas Grant Guidelines, click here.

Download Ideas Grant Proposal template, click here.

Timelines for NHMRC IDEAS grants are:

10th March: Applications open in Sapphire

18th March: RDS Presentation

6th April

  • Minimum data complete in Sapphire application
  • All chief investigators “accepted” invitation in Sapphire application
  • Application complete and ready for compliance review
  • ResearchNow application complete, including all chief investigators.

7 April, 4:30pm: Minimum Data (external deadline)

4 May: Application certified in Sapphire

5 May, 4:30pm: Applications close in Sapphire

Eligibility:  Click here to view the Eligibility table.  Also please review the NHMRC’s eligibility tool. Please contact each of your chief investigators to confirm that they are eligible to be listed as a chief investigator. While applicants of 2021 Investigator grants may be eligible to be listed as chief investigators on your Ideas grant, please be aware that their success in being awarded an Investigator grant will result in the ineligibility of your Ideas grant. We do not have comprehensive access to view the applications and awards of external chief investigators and cannot confirm this information for you.

Training Workshops:

Workshop 1: Research Proposal (The Write Media Network)

Workshop 2: Innovation and Creativity, Significance and Capability (The Write Media Network)

Workshop 3: Thursday 18 March – 12.30pm – Guidelines and using Sapphire for your application (Gareth Rees, Senior Research Grants Officer, RDS)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the NHMRC team at


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