What HDR supervisors and researchers need to do

Look at your HDR Supervisor Registration record. Noting the data set are drawn from source systems, for both HDR supervisors and researchers, if you see a discrepancy, follow the instructions in the blue boxes on the Supervisor Compliance Record. This will improve the data quality across the University.

HDR Supervisors
Note your status, any compliance end-dates and to ensure the information is accurate.

Review the eligibility requirements of the Register set out in the HDR Supervisor Policy and consider clicking the Apply button to become a registered HDR Supervisor. This application will then proceed through a workflow to the Office of Graduate Research

For all ECR supervisors, an exemption can be actioned to enable your compliance with respect to Research Activity. For information regarding ECR status and the Register of HDR Supervisors please refer to section 6 of the HDR Supervisor Procedures.

Next steps for 2021
With the release of the Register of HDR Supervisor functionality in Inspire the Office of Graduate Research will work to improve the University’s Find a Supervisor functionality on the web by integrating it with the Register in Inspire.


The latest release for Inspire provides HDR Supervisors, researchers college and professional staff with the following functionality and benefits:

  • complete transparency for all parties with a simple method of ticks and crosses for easy identification against eligibility criteria
  • enable existing HDR Supervisors to view their compliance and apply for exemptions, if necessary
  • enable researchers to apply for the Register of HDR Supervisors based on their compliance with the HDR Supervisor Policy criteria
  • ECR exemptions for research activity criterion with an end-date for easy management
  • workflows for approvals and email notifications
  • alerts via the Inspire dashboard for upcoming deadlines or any forms for attention, this includes the management of end-dates for exemptions and the 2-year training compliance criterion
  • enable the OGR Teams and Colleges to build supervisory teams
  • provide improved reporting capabilities.
Where to find out more
The Office of Graduate Research staff are always available to assist you and can be contacted as follows:

·         HDR Development team – for any queries regarding the Register and Supervisor Development Program: HDR.Development@flinders.edu.au

More information related to this change:

·         The Inspire website with quick reference guides for each module in Inspire: https://staff.flinders.edu.au/resources/research-resources/inspire

·         HDR Policy Set: https://www.flinders.edu.au/policies#hdr

·         Charter for HDR Student and Supervisor Responsibilities: https://www.flinders.edu.au/content/dam/documents/staff/policies/academic-students/hdr-charter.pdf

·         Information for HDR Supervisors website: https://staff.flinders.edu.au/research/hdr-supervisors

·         HDR Students website: https://students.flinders.edu.au/my-course/hdr

·         HDR Supervisor FLO site: https://flo.flinders.edu.au/course/view.php?id=53400 (there’s a short and informative quiz to complete to access the training components – there are some short online Step topics you can undertake here. If you can’t get into the topic, try logging into FLO first and then clicking the link.)


Providing feedback
We welcome your perusal and feedback and we thank you for contributing to the excellence of HDR Supervision at Flinders University. Get in touch or drop us a line on the details below:

·         DRS Inspire Project Team: DigitalResearchServices@flinders.edu.au

·         HDR Development team: HDR.Development@flinders.edu.au

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