Window Cleaning FCIC

We are delighted to inform you that the windows on the outside of FCIC will be cleaned, now that rail construction is almost complete.  Timetable for cleaning and abseiling is below:

  • Monday 21st of June from 7:30am: Abseil western façade
  • Tuesday 22nd of June from 7:30am: Abseil western and part of eastern façade (near ambulance ramp)
  • Wednesday 23rd of June from 7:30am: Abseil remainder of eastern façade (up to top of the ambulance ramp)
  • Thursday night 24th of June from 9pm- 3am Clean northern glass above road via boom lift and using traffic and pedestrian management

This job has also been approved by Shane Jennings (Flinders University) and Raj Shastri (SALHN).


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