For Your Action: Updating your publication records and assigning new Field of Research (FoR) codes

Research data available in ResearchNow is crucial for preparing our Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) submissions and providing information for promotions applications etc.

In the ERA process, Field of Research (FoR) codes are used to classify publications according to their most appropriate field of research.

ResearchNow has been modified to include an app which allows you to quickly assign the most recently released updated FoR Codes for each of your publications.


Step 1

Before you populate your publications with FoR codes, could you please check that all of your peer reviewed research outputs from 2016 to 2021 (inclusive) are listed in ResearchNow.

If any are missing you will need to update your ResearchNow records by one of the following two methods.

  1. If you have your SCOPUS id entered in ResearchNow all SCOPUS linked publications can be automatically harvested.
  2. To add research outputs manually, from SCOPUS or online sources

Instructions for both can be found at: ResearchNow > Research Outputs

Publications needed to be in ResearchNow by the 27 August 2021 (this is an internal deadline, and there is some flexibility).


Step 2

You will then need to populate all of your publications from 2016 onwards with your preferred FoR codes from the new 2020 list.

A new web based app  (found here)  is available to do this. The link will take you to a Teams site that contains the app, guides on how to use the app and a complete list of the new FoR codes.

Please have all your publication FoR codes assigned by the 10 September 2021.


If you have any questions please email


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