PhD students and postdoctoral researchers – invitation to attend 13th HOPE Meeting with Nobel Laureates

The Australian Academy of Sciences call for applications to participate in the 13th HOPE Meeting with Nobel Laureates is now open. (posted on ResearchLink). Information about the program can be found on the AAS website.

The Australian Academy of Science invites applications from Australian PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to attend the 13th HOPE Meeting with Nobel Laureates, in the areas of physics, chemistry, physiology/medicine and related fields, to be held virtually from 7 to 11 March 2022.

Since 2008, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) has held a HOPE Meeting in Japan with Nobel Laureates and around 100 outstanding graduate students and young researchers, specially selected from countries around the Asia–Pacific region. The participants engage in interdisciplinary discussions with Nobel Laureates and other distinguished scientists pioneering the frontiers of knowledge. The title ‘HOPE Meeting’ signifies promise held for the future roles of young researchers and optimism for creating a bright future in science and technology within the global community.

In 2022 the 13th HOPE Meeting for Nobel Laureates will be held online via a web conferencing system. Successful participants are expected to attend all meeting events, which will total 26 hours over the five days.  [Participants will also provide a high-quality poster presentation related to their subject field.]

Each institution is limited to applying on behalf of one PhD student and one postdoctoral researcher, in the fields of physics, chemistry, physiology/medicine or related fields, so we call for an internal Flinders Expression of Interest.  Please see template attached, for return to by c.o.b. Monday, 23 August 2021.

Should the number of EoIs received exceed the limits, we will ask the relevant Deans of Research to rank their preferences, for the DVC-R’s final selection of those to proceed.


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