Mask Changes

27 January 2023
SALHN staff have been wearing masks throughout the pandemic to protect our patients, each other and our community. With the recent decline in COVID numbers across SALHN and South Australia our mask policy has now been reviewed.


From Monday 30 January, staff in non-clinical or non-patient facing areas will no longer be required to wear a mask. This includes staff in office spaces.


For staff in clinical and patient-facing areas, you will now only be required to wear surgical masks. This applies to all staff entering or walking through a clinical or patient-facing area.


There are no changes to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) guidelines when interacting with patients with, or suspected of having, COVID-19 or other respiratory infections.

SALHN’s mask policy will continue to be reviewed regularly in line with any changes to the COVID-19 situation.


We encourage you to use your discretion in regards to wearing masks while on-site, particularly in instances where there are high numbers of people and physical distancing is not possible.


We know that the evidence shows mask wearing and maintaining best practice infection control measures further protects staff and patients from the spread of COVID-19 and other airborne infections.


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