Open Access Week Events: 23 – 27 October

International Open Access Week 2023 is an opportunity to join and raise awareness on the importance of research publications and data being openly available. This is particularly pertinent this year, with the introduction of Flinders University’s Open Access Policy which has requirements for making publications open access in most cases.

***How to make your research open access
By removing access barriers to published research, open access makes research findings available to everyone and your work has the best chance to be read, cited and shared.

A recent study by the publisher Wiley showed that OA articles were downloaded more than 3 times, cited 50% more and received nearly 3 times as much social media attention as subscription articles.

The Library is committed to supporting researchers with Open Access options.

Green OA is where is where the Author Accepted Manuscript is placed into an Open Access repository such as Research Now (RN). RN is a platform for making papers open access for free, without having to pay for open access publishing through the publisher. This form of OA satisfies ARC and NHMRC requirements for research outputs. Research staff can upload a copy of the accepted manuscript to Research Now and then Library staff will make it open access in accordance with any publisher conditions. The Author Accepted Manuscript is shown in the middle of the diagram below, and the Version of Record on the right has exactly the same content, the only difference is the publisher has type-set the VoR, as well as adding page numbers and their logo.

For more information about Open Access publishing please place a Library research Query via Service One.

***Please join us for the following sessions during International Open Access Week

Mon 23 Oct

11am – International Open Access Week Launch and Panel Discussion: register via iEnrol

Tue 24 Oct

10am- How do I comply with the open access policy for research: register via iEnrol

11.15am – Read & Publish: register via iEnrol

12pm – Demystifying Green Open Access: register via iEnrol

Wed 25 Oct

10am – Complying with the NHMRC Open Access Policy: register via iEnrol

11am – Avoiding predatory publishers: register via iEnrol

Thurs 26 Oct

10am – Making your research data openly available via ROADS: register via iEnrol

11am – Copyright & Open licences for publishing: register via iEnrol

Fri 27 Oct

10am – Complying with NHMRC Open Access Policy: register via iEnrol

***Access to articles from any journal
The Library provides online access to thousands of online journals which can easily be accessed via FAN login from any location. The Library recognises that the wide scope of research being conducted means that researchers may occasionally require access to an article from a journal that is not subscribed to. The Library can still help with getting copies of these articles! By placing a request via our Document Delivery service, the Library can supply a digital copy of an article that’s not already available and usually in under 24 hours. All university staff and postgraduates can access this service at no cost.



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