Writing Across the Curriculum meeting

The next meeting of the Writing Across the Curriculum & Inside the Disciplines Community of Practice will be held on Thursday, 17 September from noon to 1.30pm in room 262, Humanities & Creative Arts Building.

So that we can better understand and coordinate our discipline-based approaches to writing with those offered in COMS1001, Topic Coordinator Dr Patrick Allington will provide an overview of what and how students learn about writing and communication in COMS1001.

COMS1001 is the topic designed to ‘to equip students with the critical reasoning and writing skills necessary for successful university study’. It’s a Core Topic in the two largest degrees, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, as well as many others, including Archaeology, Community Services, Government & Public Policy, International Studies, International Tourism, Justice & Society, Media Arts, Sport, Health & Physical Activity, and Tourism Management. Yet many academic staff are unfamiliar with the topic’s content and pedagogy.

Dr Allington will discuss how the topic provides a foundation in writing and communication that we can build upon and complement inside the disciplines. Come with questions and we’re sure to have a productive exchange.

Feel free to bring your lunch, and we welcome drop-ins across the session.

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