Renewed funding for Australian Corneal Graft Registry

The AustraliACGSan Corneal Graft Registry has received renewed of funding from the Australian Organ and Transplantation Authority. The $500,000 grant will cover operations from July 2016 to June 2018.

The ACGR, located in the Flinders Centre for Opthalmology, Eye and Vision Research, operates an Australia-wide register of human corneal transplants. It opened in May 1985, celebrating 30 years of data collection last year.

Administrative staff member Mrs Vicky Jones (centre) is shown with Dr Miriam Keane and Associate Professor Richard Mills.

The purpose of the Register is to collect information that will inform clinical practice and to identify risk factors for poor patient outcomes. It currently contains records of over 30,000 corneal transplants, some of which have been followed for over 30 years.

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