Judges revved up by inspiring performance from Flinders Motorsport team

A high octane effort by Flinders Motorsport has seen them take the “CAMS Inspiring Motorsport Award” at the four-day international Formula SAE-A competition in Victoria.

The student engineering event centred on the design, construction and racing of a race car, highlighting students’ achievements in developing their skills in design, management, manufacturing, communication, research and business operations in a real world environment.

Each car was judged in a number of static and dynamic events.

The static events consist of Design, Cost and a Business Presentation, while the dynamic events on the track consisted of Acceleration, Skidpad, Autocross, Fuel Economy and Endurance, as well as needing to pass a series of scrutineering checks.

In spite of several technical issues during the competition, the team was able to get their car through the scrutineering process on the last day and participate in the endurance event.

They completed a total of six laps before having to retire the car.

For their efforts, they received the “CAMS Inspiring Motorsport Award”, which is given to the team showing the best spirit throughout the 2016 Competition.

Several judges and teams commented that Flinders Motorsport had produced an impressive car for their first year of competition, which was reflected in their score for the Design event.

Most team’s first cars do not pass the technical scrutineering or get on the track.

Team Manager Jackson Renshaw said it was a fantastic result that had only been made possible by an immense effort from the team and its supporters.

“We’re incredibly proud of this achievement, which is a well-deserved recognition of the many people who helped with everything from design development through to the construction of the car.

“I’m very grateful and want to express my heartfelt thanks to each and every one of those people for their support and assistance.”

Flinders Motorsport team
Jackson Renshaw
Thomas Carson
Max O’Connell
Jordan Amos
Alex Pridham
Lochie Harper
Sarah Raymond
Matt McKenzie
Chris Bailey
Julian Leskie
Anthony Papageorgiou

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