Altered reality in the frame for SALA exhibition

Futuristic artwork that meshes CGI animations with reality is the focus of a fascinating SALA exhibition presented by Flinders and CDW Studios student Liam Bosecke, who is studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media).

The exhibition, called HI VIS, features works that are a composite of Liam’s 3D modelling, sculpting and photogrammetry.

“It allows me to analyse and interpret reality through a different lens,” explains Mr Bosecke.

The exhibition – which can be viewed at Big Screen Video, 10 Marlow Road, Keswick, between 3pm and 5pm on August 17 and 24 – includes such striking works as Exoskeleton (a fantastic beast made of familiar found objects that is erupting from a backyard patio) and Skellypants (fabric-clad shapes that appear to hover over a desert scene at twilight).

“It’s my take on objects that remind us of who we are and where we’ve come from,” Mr Bosecke says.

“I’m looking to introspectively deconstruct significant objects and spaces within my life.”

He says his first year of studies introduced him to 3D software as an artistic medium, and transferring into the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Digital Media) allowed him to further explore digital processes that have given rise to a lot of his original artistic ideas.

“This is an excellent degree with really passionate and caring staff that are willing to help guide you along your own path,” he says.

Mr Bosecke was interviewed by fellow artist Jenna Piggott to explain his work as a SALA Spotlight feature, which can be viewed via Facebook.

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