Get brainy at the Pub

As we age, it’s important to ask what South Australia is doing to understand and assist the older community. Can we slow undesirable aspects of the ageing process? What happens to our brains as we age?

The Science of Ageing is the topic for this month’s Science in the Pub on Friday 5 October at the Rob Roy Hotel, 106 Halifax St, Adelaide.

This event will showcase ageing related research that is being undertaken right here in South Australia.

Register for the event, from 6pm-730pm (doors will be open from 5:30pm) on Eventbrite.

This week’s panel includes Dr Cedric Bardy– Senior Research Fellow, South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and Senior Lecturer, Flinders University – Associate Professor Maria Inacio, Director of the Registry of Older South Australians at SAHMRI and Dr Tim Sargeant, the Head the Neurobiology Section in the Hopwood Centre for Neurobiology, SAHMRI Dr Bardy is Director of the Laboratory for Human Neurobiology at SAHMRI. Go to Dr Bardy’s research efforts are focused on developing in vitro models and new biotechnologies to unravel the effect of neurological disorders at the cellular and molecular level.

His team helped to invent the patented ‘BrainPhys’ neuronal medium which used routinely in laboratories around the world.

Dr Bardy has also established a new analytical method on human neurons in vitro, dubbed PatchSeq, which combines the analysis of the electrophysiology, RNAseq and morphology of a single cell.

Such multimodal profiling provides exceptional insights in the phenotypes of human iPSC-derived neurons (Bardy et al. Molecular Psychiatry 2016).

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