Flinders offers new Digital Workplace tool

There are already a multitude of tech tools that we all use in our daily work – keeping up with emails alone can make a day disappear before your eyes. It can feel like every week we’re being asked to learn another tool, check another system, open another tab on our browser, and then try and work out who to talk to when something goes wrong. So why add in more when what we really want is to make life easier?

The Digital Workplace aims to make life easier at Flinders, not harder, by introducing an integrated, simple and supported suite of daily productivity tools. The Digital Workplace isn’t about adding in more tools, it is about working out how to use the smallest set of tools possible to help staff communicate, collaborate and coordinate more easily and effectively. It is about making sure that the right learning opportunities and support structures are in place for these tools, and that the tools work with each other, rather than against. It is about connecting people and teams no matter where they are located, or what device they are using. It is about culture change as much as technology, not only understanding the tools on offer, but understanding how to use the tools to best effect in a world of physically distributed teams.

The first tool to be officially launched in the Digital Workplace is Trello, a tool designed to help you organise your projects and day to day work more easily and effectively. As part of the launch, staff are invited to a launch event in the Alere Function Centre, on 12 December where the Digital Workplace team will give an overview of the project, the vision and of Trello as a tool to help you work more effectively within your team.

You can register for the Digital Workplace launch here https://events.flinders.edu.au/events/digital-workplace-trello-launch/  , and to learn more about the Digital Workplace project, please visit the project website https://staff.flinders.edu.au/workplace-support/digital-services/digital-workplace


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