New eLearning modules in end-of-life care

Flinders staff are welcome to explore a range of eLearning modules available on end-of-life care. Recently updated by the End-of-Life Essentials team at Flinders University, the new modules provide assistance to healthcare professionals and educators.

Most Australians die in hospitals and this number is expected to double in the next 25 years – meaning that end-of-life care is essential knowledge for all health care professionals.

The End-of-Life Essentials team at Flinders University works with industry to produce free evidence-based online education resources to help people increase their capacity and confidence in end-of-life care.

Recently added modules include:
• End-of-life care in Emergency Departments
• Paediatric end-of-life care
• End-of-life care in chronic complex illness
• Imminent death – how to respond

Interwoven in all End-of-Life Essentials modules is a focus on clinical compassion. With an understanding that compassion in fast-paced environments is possible, learners are encouraged to consider the patient’s point-of-view as essential in understanding their presentation to an acute hospital.

Each module provides the opportunity to grow and learn through self-reflection learning.
The End-of-Life Essentials Tool Kit has also been updated and consists of a range of resources to assist with implementation of positive changes to improve the quality of end of life care at work.
For more information or to access the resources, visit the website or contact the team by email

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