Social Work student empowers under-privileged Vietnamese children

Flinders Master of Social Work student Thi Thanh Thien Nguyen has created a robust humanitarian project to provide under-privileged Vietnamese children with English reading resources, which she says will create more diverse learning opportunities for them.

In addition to her work accumulating English language children’s books, Thien has been a dynamic contributor at Flinders by creating a disability club for international students.

Thien says she is studying Social Work so she can give back to the wider community, recognising that Social Workers helped her greatly with her physical disabilities when she was young. “After my course, I want to work with children. They are the new face of a country,” she says. “If we give the best to them, they will completely develop, and they will contribute to the development of the country.”

The College of Education, Psychology and Social Work has supported Thien’s project by funding the delivery of more than 60kg of donated English Language children’s books to Vietnam.

A full interview with Thien discussing her project can be viewed online.

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