Early action on mental health

Mental Health Week is currently underway at Flinders University with a range of stalls and activities at Sturt and Bedford Park to support students.

Hosted by FUSA and Oasis, the student-focused event has been brought forward from its official October date by strategically-minded organisers, in the knowledge that end-of-semester is less than ideal as students buckle down to exams.

Key focuses for this year’s activities are:

• addressing stigma and unhelpful myths around mental ill health
• normalising the process of looking after mental health
• knowing when to seek extra support
• where to go for help

Staff may notice activities around campus including:

• Tuesday 30 April at the Sturt Courtyard – free food, music, succulents and stalls
• Wednesday 1 May at the Hub/Plaza – Teepee tents, free tea, succulent decorating, acoustic music, free food and stalls

Mental Health Week at Flinders is about empowering students with the information and resources to better support themselves and those they care about. Find out more.

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